Morning Musings: Sunday, July 5th

Peace and quiet. Finally, after yesterday’s day of celebration that started at three o’clock in the afternoon – fireworks blasting, zipping and booming – lasting well past midnight, Sunday morning brings blissful silence. Not even the leaves on the trees move this morning. I think they, like our wild animal friends in the woods out […]

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I Love The Rainbows! Thank You, WordPress!

I never thought I would see the day when so many people bemoan the fact that the internet is exploding with… rainbows! Really? Let’s be honest, its not the rainbow you vehemently detest, its the celebration behind the rainbow. I can think of few things happier and more beautiful than a rainbow… maybe cheesecake… with […]

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How a Foodie Navigates the Juicing Universe

I love food! Actually, that’s an understatement. As someone who celebrates her biggest accomplishments of life with fabulous food – and by accomplishments I mean birthdays, anniversaries and days that end in ‘Y’ 🙂 – I’m not one to count calories, limit carbs or peruse the gluten-free section of the local grocery store. But I […]

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