Am I An Introvert?

How to know if you’re an introvert and what to do about it.

If you would rather stay home than go to a party, a festival or any large gathering that will put you in the middle of a large group of people and noise, you may be an introvert.

I’m not a psychologist or expert on the introvert/extrovert personalities, I’m just an extreme introvert (INFJ) who has read numerous books in an attempt to understand why introverts, namely me, are the way we are.  Come to find out, we make up nearly half of the population and our desire to stay close to home, in quiet and solitude, is perfectly normal. So what do you do about being an introvert?  Nothing.  You don’t need to change or become something you’re not. You simply embrace how special the introvert life is and enjoy being yourself!

For research on being an introvert, there are well-educated doctors and scientists who have already done the research for us and they provide all we need to understand our desire to go inside our heads and stay there.  Following is a list of videos and books that helped me further understand this quiet and demure personality type, giving me a broader scope of why we crave quiet and why it’s okay to do so:

This is where you start!  Susan Cain is a true expert of the introvert personality type and her TED Talk entitled The Power of Introverts has nearly seven million views to-date and for very good reason!


Susan Cain is also the author of the best-selling book, Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking — I’m on my third reading of this book and it never disappoints! This book is full of easy-to-understand explanations loaded with research and sources.


More Books On Being An Introvert:


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