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A Crop Duster Pilot Is Landing the Plane

An Analogy About the 2017 U.S. Presidential Inauguration   So you’re on a plane. Not just any plane – an Airbus A380 – the largest, richest and most amazing plane in the world. But, the plane is crashing and the pilot is gone. Someone needs to crash land the biggest, most respected plane in the world… …

Pay It Forward

Here’s What’s Happening In November!

Wow, only 61 days left in the year! And this is a big month.  As of today, the holiday season is in full swing. I love this time of year and November and December are my favorite months!  Below is a list of things to do, to think about, to prepare for… Enjoy every minute …

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Monday Matters: The Perfect Reading Chair

I’m in the market for a new reading chair!  I love the big, oversized stuffed chairs or chair-and-a-half with comfortable upholstery big enough to curl up in.  Right now I’m using my husband’s big leather chair-and-a-half and although it is comfortable, I prefer a soft chenille or tweed fabric. So what can make or break …

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Coffee Shop Art For Your Home

Coffee Shop Art for the Home on

Any kitchen or dining area can be your own personal coffee shop.  Just add comfy chairs, pillows, lots of tabletop space and some coffee-inspired artwork!  (Oh, and don’t forget the coffee – lots and lots of fresh brewed coffee!) Coffee art is huge right now: coffee posters, coffee-inspired chalk prints, etc.  You can transform any …

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Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee Infographic

Iced Coffee with Milk |

I love the website about all things coffee!  This site is full of terrific coffee and coffee equipment reviews and the owner, Ryoko Iwata, creates incredible coffee images and infographics.  Seriously good stuff, go check it out.  This is one of my fave infographics because I think cold-brewed coffee and iced coffee is a …

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Daily Positivity: Happy Tuesday!

Right now, think a positive thought.  Visualize your perfect day and feel how amazing it will be!  Write in your journal, drink some coffee and know that life is good.  Peace! A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more …